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Rigid Surgical Sterilization Container Rental Program

Wrap Scenario

Container Scenario

No. of wrapped sets: No. of containers needed to replace wrapped sets:
Avg. No. of times each set is processed per week: Avg. No. of times each set is processed per week:
No. of sets processed per month: No. of containers processed per month:
Hourly Rate: Hourly Rate:
No. of minutes to wrap: No. of minutes to place in container:
Labor to wrap: Labor(1 minutes):
Autoclave Tape: Disposable Filters:
Disposable Blue Wrap: Disposable seals (2):
Disposable Cost: Average Cost Per Container:
Cost Per Set: Cost Per Set:
Time and Materials: Time and Materials :

Total Monthly Cost
(Wrap scenario)
1st year Savings
2nd year Savings
3rd year Savings
4th year Savings
5th year Savings
6th year Savings
Total 6 years Savings
Total Monthly Cost
(Container Scenario)
% of 1st year Savings
% of 2nd year Savings
% of 3rd year Savings
% of 4th year Savings
% of 5th year Savings
% of 6th year Savings
% Total 6 years Savings
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The Flex Rental Program is based on a 3 year rental commitment. At the end of the 3rd year, you have the options: Option 1. We reduce the rental by 50% for as long as you would like to keep the equipment in service. Option 2. Return the equipment. Option 3. Purchase the equipment at the fair market value estimated to be 35% to 45% of the original acquisition cost. Option 4. Return the equipment and replace it with new equipment.